Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Valentine


Well here I am again and no I haven’t died and gone to heaven I’m still right here in God’s country…..even with the snow!   I figured it was about time I left my sewing room and entered my craft room.  With Valentine’s Day just a week away what better card to make than a Valentine’s card.

I was afraid I’d forgotten how to make a card let a lone how to use my Copic marker… can be the judge if I need a lot more practice.


This is of course for my best friend and husband of 51 and a half years.  When we got married and I was only 18 they said it would never last…what do people know.


Well now you know yes I need more practice but I think there might be some hope for me.   Once my good friend Janie gets back from being a snow bird in Arizona I hope to be able to get back in groove once again.  I do need to make a few more cards before then so hopefully I’ll get better with each card.

Now I’d like to share a couple of quilts with you so you can see what’s been keeping so busy that I couldn’t get in my craft room.  

           Cancer Quilt

I made this quilt for my sister-in-law’s sister who is going through treatment for a a tumor on her spine.   Our prayers are that the chemo will shrink the tumor which will enable her to be able to walk again without the assistance of someone or a walker.


When my husband goes shopping with me at quilt shops I end up coming home with panels of wildlife so then I have figure out what to do with them.   He really liked this panel since we always have some black bears come visit us in the fall.


I promise this is the last thing.  I went to a class to make this darling Barbados Bag……came home with this finished bag.



This is just the back view………and of course you can see it’s made out purple fabric.

Thanks for stopping by and may your week be a blessing.

                            hugs, Ruth Ann


  1. Hello Ruth Ann...your valentines card is gorgeous and you have coloured her beautifully...
    Wow you ave been busy in your sewing room..your quilt is amazing and your colours are awesome. Love that new bag too...I'm in my 3rd tote bag....


  2. No matter what you do you always give it 200% !!!
    Your card is wonderful & so touching & Sheldon is not only lucky to get it, he also got you ... You haven't lost your touch at all, your coloring is wondful & I love how you sat little Miss Tilda on the perfect box of chocolates. It doesn't get any better than that. And your quilts are beautiful. That cancer quilt will certainly make your sister in laws sister warm & comfy wheat her she's in treatment or curled up with it at home. You're so thoughtful !!! And your other quilt & the bag are gorgeous as well. Love them !!! You have been a busy little beaver plus working ... Don't know how you do it but I'm proud to be your friend.

  3. Your quilts are amazing and I am so glad you share them with us. I hope your sister-in-law is dong well. The quilt is a very special gift made with love.

    Your Valentine is just as cute as can be -- I do love the colors. Beautifully done!

  4. Made me laugh Ruth Ann! I got sidetracked cleaning out my stamp room closet which led to .... well, you know how it goes! Stamping Valentines with grandchildren and before you know it, time has marched right on by! Loved your married @18 comment too... Tim and I married young... he was 18, I was 19... I'd say young is a good thing! : )

    Super Sweet Tilda creating and a wonderful card for your DH!

  5. Goodness, you've been busy. I just adore your quilts, they are all so fantastic!!! And the bag...cuteness!! I just love seeing all you do, you are so talented!!
    Oh, and the card is just precious! Love the layout and all the embellies!