Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Matt


I finally decided to sit down and try my hand at making a post which I haven’t done in awhile….so here goes.

This card was made for my grandson who was born on my birthday 24 years ago so that makes him really special.  He graduated from college and was having a terrible time trying to find a job in his field.  So he joined the Army and is being trained in the medical field which I think will be perfect for him.  So now  for the card.



Well this new computer is giving me fits…..won’t let me make the picture bigger…..ugh.

As you can see this is definitely a card for a young man in the army.  I started my search for a stamp set that had to do with armed forces and wasn’t sure I would have any luck but Stampin Up came through like a champ.


Well it did it again….I can make it wider but it won’t let me make it longer.  Oh well at least you can see it.


Thought I’d share a little quilt I made as a sample for the quilt shop I work at.  This one is home now and I’m sure some lucky guy will get this down the road.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will have a wonderful week full of Joy.

                hugs, Ruth Ann

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Card for Jodi


Well it’s been awhile since I posted anything so I’ll see if I remember how to do it.  I’m so glad for a new year as the past year is one I’d like to forget.  We lost our brother-in-law, I lost my precious little dog Gabby and my computer died just before Thanksgiving.  I finally got a new one before Christmas and then the fun began trying to get everything back on the new one.  Well I think I have it right so we’ll see if it all goes well.

This card I made for our oldest daughter on her 50th birthday….my that means I’m really getting old!


She has a lot of horses and loves everyone so thought this was the perfect stamp to use on her card.


Just a closer look at this adorable image.


A quick look at the inside.   Looks like I might have succeed in doing a post…..yah.


This is the quilt I made her for her big birthday and thought you might enjoy seeing it.

Thanks for stopping by that is if you haven’t given up on me.  Hope this new year is going great for you.

hugs, Ruth Ann