Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Matt


I finally decided to sit down and try my hand at making a post which I haven’t done in awhile….so here goes.

This card was made for my grandson who was born on my birthday 24 years ago so that makes him really special.  He graduated from college and was having a terrible time trying to find a job in his field.  So he joined the Army and is being trained in the medical field which I think will be perfect for him.  So now  for the card.



Well this new computer is giving me fits…..won’t let me make the picture bigger…..ugh.

As you can see this is definitely a card for a young man in the army.  I started my search for a stamp set that had to do with armed forces and wasn’t sure I would have any luck but Stampin Up came through like a champ.


Well it did it again….I can make it wider but it won’t let me make it longer.  Oh well at least you can see it.


Thought I’d share a little quilt I made as a sample for the quilt shop I work at.  This one is home now and I’m sure some lucky guy will get this down the road.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will have a wonderful week full of Joy.

                hugs, Ruth Ann


  1. Perfect card for a guy ... I sure didn't know Matt was enlisting in the Army but this card will be great for him. I'm sure he's going to need more of them & a box of homemade goodies from time to time which is another of your wonderful talents.
    Beautiful quilt & love that you share them with us before they are packed off & sent to another family member. Those are such amazing keepsakes.
    hugs, Janie

  2. Great Card for your grandson! Please tell him THANK YOU for his service, you must be a very parent Grandma! And I love your quilt! Any guy (or woman) would love it. You are immensely talented.

  3. How fun that he was born on your birthday Ruth Ann! Fabulous card, I'm sure he loved it! And gorgeous quilt!

  4. What a talented lady you are! I love the card for your grandson. My daughter sounds like Matt, only she joined the Air Force. She spent 10 years in the Air Force and now works as a medical assistant for a Dr. in internal medicine. I know your grandson will love it and the quilt. It is beautiful.

  5. Wonderful birthday card for your grandson Ruth Ann. Congratulations are in order and please thank him for me for his service to our country.
    Your quilt is gorgeous.
    We are in the mist of a move and it will be some time before I have a new craft room set up. If I am lucky, maybe by June - who knows. We are moving from North Carolina to North Easter Florida. We are also moving into a house that is half of the size we have now. I believe it is call downsizing! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    Sandy xx