Sunday, August 11, 2013

Misty’s Birthday


Here I am once again because there is another birthday in out family.  This  is for our youngest daughter’s birthday, then our daughter-in-laws birthday will be in another 2 weeks so I’ll be busy making another card. 


She is a tennis player and loves purple and orange together for her tennis outfits and racket so I just had to use those colors in this card.


Had to show off the flowers I made using a Cheery Lynn die and as you can see they are also orange and purple…hee hee.  


This flower is one of WOC flowers


Probably couldn’t guess that she’s a pretty blonde and just as sweet as she is pretty and such a blessing to our family.

There you have it… will be seeing me again in about 2 weeks and again in September as I have 2 granddaughter’s with birthdays a day apart then I get to rest till November gets here and then I’m off to the races with 6 birthdays.   I’ll be pooped by the end of November…ugh.

Thanks for stopping by my little blog….love hearing from you.

hugs, Ruth Ann


  1. what a gorgeous card for your Daughter Ruth Ann...lovely Tilda image and love all your embellishments on your card...


  2. LOVE THIS CARD !!! You really make the cutest flowers with those Cheery Lynn dies Ruth Ann! And the color theme is gorgeous ... You impress me more with every creation you make as they just get more & more beautiful & your creativeness is shining thru...
    hugs, Janie

  3. Here you are with a brand new card - love the colors and the design. One really sweet birthday card!! Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment for my granddaughter - she will be thrilled!

  4. Had to smile at all the family birthdays Ruth Ann! I have the same thing! I always try to think of the colors they like too and get the hair color right! lol I'm sure she loved her card from you and will add it to her treasures! It's delightful!

  5. I know this card will be cherished. My grandsons have shoe boxes full of cards I sent them. I love that they mean something special to them. This card will be the same!

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