Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday!

I thought I would get this posted before I was off to surgery but for some reason didn’t make it so here I am.   I’m still on some high powered medicine so if what I write doesn’t make any sense just have a good laugh!
I made this card for my daughter on her birthday and you can probably guess she’s a tennis player.

When designing this card I decided to use the colors she wears when playing in tournaments.  She likes purple and orange and her shoes are neon green and white so here you have it. 
I embossed the background with a Happy Birthday embossing folder to give it a different look.

I then pulled out all my drawers of flowers and went to work picking out the right ones I thought would look good on this card.
I knew the purple and lavender flowers wouldn’t be a problem but wasn’t sure about the orange till the drawers came out.  Once the flowers were in place I knew I had to add a purple bow to make it complete.
Now it’s time to do something with the inside.

So here you have it and I’m happy to say she really liked it (her birthday was yesterday).
Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking a look.  May the rest of your week be great and with the week-end approaching it’s even better.


  1. My friend you NEVER cease to amaze me !! Here you are just after back surgery not even a week ago & even if you made this card before your operation at least you feel good enough to post it today. I'm so proud of you !!!
    The card is wonderful & the colors will make her day as only you know how. Glad you found the proper colors of flowers to top it off & love the layers & perfect background you've used.
    Get well fast & big hugs, Janie

  2. Hope you are covering well after your surgery Ruth Ann ....beautiful card, pretty flowers and a gorgeous Tilda image which is beautifully coloured


  3. Oh this is fantastic!!! Love this Tilda and her clothing rocks!! I betcha your Daughter LOVED this!! And your posting made complete either we are both doped up or your doing OK, LOL

  4. oh Ruth Ann! She's adorable and so fun! Love that you colored her the colors your daughter wears when she plays! I'm sure she was charmed and delighted to receive this treasure! Hope you're on the mend too!

  5. Ruth Ann this is absolutely gorgeous. I love bright pretty colors - your daughter must be so much fun. I did not know you had surgery but goodness gracious if I could do as well as you do on pain med please let me know what it is!